Cockpit controls of the J-35 Draken simulator in the museum

Saab J-35 Draken Simulator

This flight simulator was used for the Swedish Saab J35 Draken Interceptor / Fighter jet Aircraft. It was built by the electronics company Redifon and used by the Royal Danish Air Pilot School of Mojave, California and then donated to this Museum. The cockpit is an actual J35 Draken nose section wired for flight simulation. Using a bank of 1970s era military computers located in the large white cases behind the cockpit and three large screens that were mounted in the pilot’s line of site, it simulated flight conditions and was similar to a large wrap around video game.

It taught pilots how to fly and fight aboard the J35 Draken Interceptor jet. The word Draken is Swedish for “kite” but most people call the J35 Draken the J35 “Dragon.”

If you would like to try out the cockpit for pictures when you visit. Kindly ask the Museum’s volunteer/docent and they will help you get in. Please do not climb on the display unaided, thank you.