The Turner T-40 resting in the corner of the museum.

Turner T-40A/B

The Turner T-40A/B is a two-place all wood airplane with folding wings for hangaring in a garage. The airplane displayed here is a model T-40A equipped with a double slotted flap wing making a Model T-40B. With a 150-horse power Lycoming engine it has a top speed of 175 miles per hour(152 knots) at 1650 pounds. Normal cruise speed of 155 mph giving it a no wind range of 505 statue miles.

The Turner T-40A is a derivative of the Turner Model T-40 Single-Place Airplane. The T-40 flew in 1961 and earned numerous trophies including the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Outstanding Design in 1961. In 1962 the airplane won Second Place in the EAA Design Competition for a Folding-Wing Airplane. After five years of fun flying the airplane was actually cut down the centerline of the fuselage and widened to carry two people side-by-side. The prototype T-40A/B made its maiden flight in March 1969 from the Mojave Airport. At the time it was the only airplane based at the Mojave Airport.

The Turner airplanes were designed, built, and test flown by Eugene L. (Gene) Turner Aeronautical Engineer and former World War II P-47 Thunderbolt Pilot. Gene worked as a design engineer on the Bell Helicopter XV-3 Convertiplane, and on numerous type certification projects such as the Boeing 737-20. Lockheed L-1011, Bell OH-4A (Model 206 Jet Ranger), and Manger of FAA Certification. He was also authorized by Aerospatiale to approve repairs for all Aerospatiale Helicopters operating in North America.

The T-40B was modified several times through the years to try different design configurations, such as, a tapered wing, a T-tail, a bubble canopy, and a canard. In addition, Gene designed and developed an ultralight airplane (The model 100-D Mariah) featuring a twin tail-boom, tricycle landing gear, and an enclosed cockpit. This model was withdrawn from the market.

Even with all of the engineering activities, Gene maintained his Flight Instructor’s Certificate, his Aircraft & Propulsion Mechanic’s Certificate, and Authored and published Fabulous Affairs with Aircraft.